7 minutes with Emmanuel, Joseph of Galilee – episode #002


Gospel of Matthew, chapter 1 verse 20.

“Levantar e Seguir”, book psychographed by Francisco Cândido Xavier, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel. Chapter 9, entitled “JOSEPH OF GALILEE”

After having pondered over these things, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying: “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to receive Mary, your wife, for what was conceived in her comes from the Holy Spirit.”

Emmanuel comments:

In general, when we refer to the male figures that move around the glorious canvas of Jesus’ mission, we notice the precariousness of his companions, fixating, most of the time ,  on the latest scenes of his  journey on Earth.

It is necessary, however, to observe that next to ungrateful beneficiaries, indifferent listeners, cruel persecutors and wavering disciples, there was an integral man who served Jesus, pledging to him his immaculate heart and pure conscience.

Joseph of Galilee was such a profoundly spiritual man that his sublime figure goes beyond the limited analysis of those who cannot do without the human material for a service of definitions.

Have you ever thought of Christianity without him?

When the failure of human beings is excessively spoken of, let us remember that there was a time when the Divine Forces entrusted Mary and Christ to a man.

However, although honored by the request of an angel, he never boasted about such a great blessing.

Despite observing Jesus’ power of seduction over the doctors of the law, he never left his carpentry.

The world does not have other news of his activities except for those related to meeting human demands, complying with Caesar’s order and those that show him at the temple and at home, between adoration and work.

Without any position of evidence, he gave Jesus all that he could give.

To him Christianity is indebted at the door of the first hour, but Joseph passed through the world in the divine silence of God.

Haroldo Dutra Dias comments:

The comment made by Emmanuel is centered on chapter 1 verse 20 of the Gospel of Matthew. However, to understand the context it is important to also read verses 19 and 20 of the same chapter:

“Joseph, her husband, being a just man and not wishing to bring shame to her name, decided to reject her in secret.

After having pondered over these things, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying:

– Joseph, son of David, do not fear to receive Mary, your wife, for what was conceived in her comes from the Holy Spirit.”

In this text, we notice the fear of Joseph, a just man, to take Mary as his wife, and the action of the angel soothing his heart, telling him of the spiritual and sacred origins of the Son he was about to receive.

Joseph is a figure that is little spoken of in the New Testament. The main references to him are found on chapters 1 and 2 of Matthew, chapters 1 to 4 of Luke and chapters 1 to 6 of John.

For the most part, these references concern Joseph receiving Mary, complying with Caesar’s order to return to his hometown for the census, and the protection of the child from Herod’s persecution.

In another passage from the Gospel, we find the reference of Jesus being taken to the temple by Joseph and Mary, when there is the discussion with the doctors of the law.

As Emmanuel so rightfully puts it, every time we focus on the male figures of the New Testament — such as Simon Peter, John the Evangelist, Joseph of Arimathea, Simeon — we highlight the falls and the flaws, especially of those connected to the moment of crucifixion, when all of them abandoned Jesus.

However, we must turn our hearts to one truly integral man: Joseph of Galilee. Emmanuel says he was so profoundly spiritual that his sublime figure goes beyond human analysis. There is no historiographical material on Joseph of Galilee. Very little do we know about him, but what we do know — and that is the beauty of Emmanuel’s message — is that there was a time when the Creator and the Spirits who rule over our Solar System entrusted both Mary and the baby Jesus to his care.

All the future of the Gospel and the mission of Christ were one day in his hands. And as Joseph is a symbol of God’s action in the world, Emmanuel says: “he passed through the world in the divine silence of God”, for God acts in silence and always hides himself.

Humberto de Campos says that “God does not compete with the vanity of human creatures”. Neither did Joseph, this man of no detailed stories nor abundant historiography, but of genuinely spiritual action.

He never left the carpentry nor his home, being the first support, the first basis on which Jesus could trust to build his Immortal Gospel. That is an integral man, perfectly evangelized, in communion with God and with Christ himself: Joseph of Galilee.

Production: SER

Project: 7 Minutes with Emmanuel

Episode: 2

Book: Levantar e Seguir (not published yet in English)

Spirit author: Emmanuel

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier

Chapter: 09 – José da Galileia (Joseph of Galilee)

Comments: Haroldo Dutra Dias

Translation: Christiane Cavalcanti

Proofreading: Jussara Korngold, Clarissa Emediato and Maria Theresa Tavares

Background music: Meu Amigo Agradece

Composer: João Cabete

Guitar: João Paulo Lanini

Editing: Júlio Corradi

Design: Júlio Corradi

Still Photograph: Thiago Ribeiro

Read by: Christiane Cavalcanti



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